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Hello! My name is Taylor. Thank you for visiting my site! I am a 24 year old software engineer and new wife to the most wonderful man I’ve ever met (not to brag or anything). I’ve always had this cliché dream of technology and fashion coming together as one. Not so much in an Apple Watch kind of way, but in a way that allows complete strangers to give inspiration for trends and outfits to one another. I am an avid ‘Pinterester’ if you will, and like many have found great insight on putting together pieces of clothing you probably wouldn’t find in the same store. It is a great source to look at before a shopping trip, particularly a thrift store shopping trip! I learned throughout college that you can usually find the pieces you want at your local thrift store for astronomically cheaper. The only issue I’ve had with sites like Pinterest, is that many trends (especially in the spring and summer) make skin a focal point. This blog is purposed to focus on modest, classy fashion that gives you confidence in covering the parts of your body that should be covered. I strive everyday to look and feel fabulous, without showing everything off.

You don’t have to look frumpy or out of style to be modest. I won ‘Best Dressed’ my Senior year of High School (This was 2010, so it’s still somewhat relevant to current style). I did this all without wearing the same outfit twice. Most of my pieces came from the Village Discount Outlet (the VDO is a great local thrift store where I live) and I learned to mix and match items in ways a lot of people wouldn’t have thought to. I also won this award without dressing immodestly. That was HUGE to me. I use that as an example, and really a testament, that you can in fact be fashionable and modest at the same time.

But I won’t try and fool you; I didn’t always dress modestly. I was raised to do so, but when I hit college, something inside me told me that if I wanted to appear as the unpredictable, inspiring person I wanted to be, I needed to dress like everyone else (this makes no sense, by the way). Even after winning best dressed a few months before, I got frustrated when I saw what everyone was wearing in college. There were not dress codes there and I envied the girls everyone was looking at. The girls showing it all off. I still lived at home and my mom saw what I was wearing before I walked out the door everyday. We had arguments about what was ‘OK’ to wear and it seemed like I was always pushing boundaries. I was fed up.

*Enter a time in my life I don’t like to reflect on* I left home. It’s awful and sad and I regret it more than anything I’ve ever done. I stopped going to church, and I alienated everyone in my family (despite their pleas to come back home). I wore what I wanted… and you know what? I didn’t feel better. I didn’t at all feel fulfilled inside, like I was ‘living the dream’. I certainly knew I wasn’t living right in the eyes of the Lord. I lied to myself for nine months. I told myself I didn’t need my family and I didn’t need God. But I did and I still do.

And so I went home. Both to God and my Family. They accepted my apologies and treated me no differently than before I had left. Even though I felt I was undeserving, it was a relief to be home. I got rid of all my immodest clothing and I focused on my family and fixing my attitude. I was still dating the same boy I was before I left home and he was deathly afraid of my parents (I can’t imagine why). I knew I had completely damaged my good reputation and ruined the relationship between Jake and I’s family. Even with all the years of modesty and perceived good behavior, those nine months are what stuck out to the rest of the world. I knew there would be consequences for my actions and I knew I needed to repair this image, especially with Jake. I wasn’t ready to give up on the person that supported my leaving, but also supported my going back home. There was something too special about him.

Jake had been to church with me a few times before I had left home. He questioned a lot of things (why we did, what we did, the way we did it (say that 5 times fast)). He was a good man and by the world’s standards- very, very moral; but he still needed something. He needed God. After a year of Jake coming to services off and on, a lot of people thought it was time to give up. Then, our Junior year of college, it was spring break, and Jake and I were headed from his house to Wednesday night bible study. His mom yelled out to him, “Don’t get too wet!”. “What in the world is she talking about?” I whispered. He replied “Do I need to bring extra underwear?”. “WHAT? What do you plan on doing at church that you will need extra underwear?” I asked, confusedly. The words came out in what seemed like slow motion: “I’m going to be baptized tonight”. Joy filled my heart. After studying and struggling for so long, Jake had made the decision to become a Christian. And 3 years later, he is now my husband, and our families have mended what I once tore apart.

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I try not to take my journey for granted. I sometimes get caught up in all the blessings Jake and I share that I need to remind myself how I got there. It was a rough road, and I live with memories I wish I had never created. I hurt a lot of good people in the process of finding out the worldliness of today’s society had nothing to offer me. And those good people are still my support system, despite my actions. I had to forgive myself of many transgressions even after everyone else and God already had. People do change, for better and for worse. I still make mistakes. I still make modesty mistakes. I am still learning what is practical, fashionable, AND modest. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it is something I strive for daily.

That’s my story and that’s why I’m here. Fashion is something I’m passionate about, but there is a modest way to be fashionable. I want this blog to be an encouragement to women everywhere but I also want it to keep me honest in my everyday fashion and the way I come off to the rest of the world. Today, it can be difficult (and not to mention super discouraging) to walk into a department store and not be able to put something on without making an alteration or adding a modesty panel of some sort. However, when I say difficult, I by no means believe it to be impossible. It is more work, but in my opinion, worth the effort. PLUS! You usually end up with great pieces that no one else has! I hope to inspire and help YOU find modest clothing that is affordable and will last a long time. I hope to give you creative ideas on putting together your best modest pieces to look and feel absolutely incredible! And I hope to be a good influence on you in the process.

Keep on keeping on.

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  1. Taylor! So much respect!! What beautiful backstory to your passion for helping women feel confident in coverage and also realize their motivation for doing so! God’s grace and mercy are things none of us deserve but that He’s freely given. I’m so grateful someone like you can learn the lessons and forget the experiences that brought you to this point. College is a tough time in young peoples’ lives in general. I pray that ladies can read words like yours and feel hope to keep living right or turn from their own will and live a modest life if they aren’t. :-) Love you girl!

    1. Hannah,

      Thank you for your encouraging words. I am just as uplifted by the positive feedback I’ve gotten on this endeavor. I appreciate your support and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts <3


  2. Have been looking forward to your blog…so encouraged that your heart led you in this direction! This is a much-needed endeavor, so much working against girls/women in our culture in the area of fashionable modesty. God never leaves us without a workable plan, modesty CAN be done and…as you have shown us through the years…modesty can be totally cute! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Miss Jen,

      Thank you very much. This has already helped me tremendously in making the right choices in what I wear. I think starting this blog was the push I needed to really be honest with myself about what I put on my body. I think twice and even three times every time I get dressed now. We can all use an accountability “partner” and I hope that through this blog we can share ideas and help one another be good modest hearted and clothed women. Love you, Miss Jen!

      <3 Taylor

  3. Hey Taylor this blog will be a good site to help as I am starting to go through High School and wanting to try to ‘fit in’ I can look here and find encouragement:)Thanks again

    1. Simmie!

      I hope I can help! I totally understand wanting to fit in. Especially with today’s styles, it can be very difficult to find modest clothes. Trust me when I say, looking back after high school, you will be glad you chose to dress with dignity :)

  4. Taylor, I am so proud of you!!! This website is amazing and I so enjoy reading your blogs. You are so beautiful and smart and such an inspiration!! Thank you for doing this. Love you!!!
    Always, Christie

  5. Congratulations on the blog Taylor! It’s so refreshing to see a fashion blog devoted to MODEST fashion. This will be such an encouragement to so many(including myself). I applaud your honesty in your journey. Especially since I know growing up sometimes we just think everyone else is having such an easy time living a Godly life while some of us struggle so much. You are a great example and I look forward to reading your blog😉

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