5 Fresh Ways to Wear Black

Hello friends :)

I was going to post something a little more “springy” today but seeing as I woke up to 3 inches of snow on Friday-I decided against it ;)

So, here are five ways to wear Rocky Balboa’s favorite color (and possibly mine) hehe

Dressed Down- With a nice pair of dress jeans and booties. Black accessories are always a good idea. A nice black tote will get you through every season!

With Red – You just can’t go wrong with a pop of red. :-)

With Brown & Gray – I know it’s scary to try new things but in my opinion all neutrals go with all neutrals because…. why not?! The entire outfit below is *thrifted* :) (besides jewelry).

 On your nails – It’s definitely not weird to wear black nail polish any more. When I was in 7th grade it meant you hated life but now it’s totally normal and chic :)

With animal print – I’m not sure if this is necessarily a ‘fresh’ way to wear black, but it’s a good one ;) and of course I’m partial to leopard hehe :)

So, there you have it! How do you style an all black outfit?

keep on keeping on…


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  1. The black with leopard is my favorite! I find that I wear a lot of black myself! And haha, I laughed at the part “when I was in 7th grade, black nails meant you hated life” lol! It’s definitely a chic thing now, but I still don’t like black on my nails, because it seems to make them look shorter(I keep my nails short already because of piano).

    1. The leopard is one of my faves too :) It was totally true back in 7th grade but it really is chic now, haha! But I totally get what you’re saying about short nails- I think a neutral pinkish tan is really pretty on short nails :)

      Thanks for always reading and commenting on my posts!


      1. You’re welcome!! One more thing to add…you may have seen me posting pics of me wearing Jamberry on Instagram. I love wearing their wraps with patterns, because that seems to elongate my nails! Anyways, that was random lol

        1. that’s super cool! I actuall yhave a pack of those that I got for christmas and I have yet to try them- you reminded me of that and I need to give them a try!

  2. I love all of these outfits, especially the last one with the leopard skirt. I wish that I was bold enough to wear leopard print! Black is a great color, because it matches with everything!

  3. I’m going to try to plan something that pairs black and brown. I’ve loved the combo on other people, but it’s a scary thing to try for yourself!

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