5 Outfit Tips to Create a More Flattering Look

Hello hello!

Today I thought I would share 5 tips to help you get ready in the morning and hopefully make your outfit more flattering! Enjoy :-)

1. Go Monochrome

Wearing the same color or at least color palette on top and bottom is an instant slimming trick.

Even though my skirt has a bulky texture to it with the lace, and the sleeves on my sweater are Deb from Napoleon Dynamite status (I like your sleeves. They’re real big.) the color similarity and waist definition creates a good flow.

2. Add a Scarf

I love the look that blanket scarves provide. I think they draw the focus up to your beautiful face ;-)

Here I matched the color of my top with my blanket scarf so there wasn’t so much going on but it doesn’t take away from the focal point (the red skirt <3)

3. Pointy Toes

Pointy toed shoes instantly slim your bottom half, especially if they are heels. Even the slightest kitten heel adds the perfect amount of sophistication and can pull together an entire look.

4. Dangly Earrings + Top knot

A slightly larger, dangly earring combined with a super high top knot can elevate your look- pun intended ;-)

5. Less is more

When you have a lot going on, it can be hard to find a focal point in your outfit. If you want your focal point to be a print, then try accenting with solid but similar colors (or neutrals) for your shoes, bag etc.


Do you ever apply these tips when getting ready in the morning?

What is your best wardrobe tip?

keep on keeping on…

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  1. I love the Napolean Dynamite reference lol! I haven’t tried a monochromatic look yet, even though I keep seeing other people do it and keep saying that I will soon! lol And I LOVE blanket scarves. I have one now that’s not thick, so I can wear it in Georgia weather, and you’re right, it kind of does draw to your face lol

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