The Famous Honey Slip of California + GIVEAWAY

Hello Gals!

I’m so excited to share an amazing modesty hack product with you today – The Honey Slip!

This slip comes in nude and black and it is the perfect solution to pesky sheer and lace dresses!

It comes in sizes XS – XL. It’s made in the USA with all local materials from California!

The Honey Slip also comes in “x-long” for taller ladies. Its knee length and cap sleeve design is the perfect undergarment for any dress whether you need a modesty hack or not! You won’t even realize you’re wearing it because of it’s buttery soft texture and feel too!


I am wearing a medium black honey slip because I wanted the slip to lay flat and not be clingy in case I wore it with a straighter cut dress. If you have questions about size feel free to ask- I will try to help as best I can on my experience. I tried on the small and it fit well, but I just wanted something I little bit looser.

I added a sleeveless turtleneck half-tee underneath for more neckline coverage but the colors blend so well and the honey slip allows me to wear this otherwise immodest dress!

I really love the quality of this product and I’ve worn it so many times already under many different style dresses. If you are going to invest in a full length slip, this is the one!

NOW – for the most exciting part! I’m teaming up with Honey of California to give away a black honey slip to one lucky gal!

All you have to do is:

1. follow me on instagram

2. comment how you would wear your honey slip on today’s instagram post!


If you don’t have instagram – you can comment on this blog post to enter :)

(Make sure you enter a real name/email so I have a way to contact you)

Entry to the giveaway ends on Friday November 10 at 8pm EST


Thanks for reading!

Keep on keeping on…

** Thanks to Honey of California for Sponsoring this Post! **




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  1. This is a great product! I have so many dresses that need coverage up top and a longer slip on the bottom. Every time i wear a dress i feel like i have at least 3 layers under it to make it appropriate. A once and done solution it a great idea!

  2. This would have been perfect yesterday!! Ended up wearing capris under my skirt because it was so sheer. It is so hard to find a comfortable slip with out all of the scratchy lace…

  3. Oooo, I feel like the options would be limitless, like you said. I would wear it wherever I needed more length or coverage it might open up some possibilities for dresses that would otherwise not be options. Cool find!

  4. That’s so neat! I would definitely like to try one of these out! It doesn’t look like it has a very high neckline, but it would still be good to wear under something that’s too thin! It’s definitely a little difficult to find a good whole slip these days :)

  5. That photo of you sitting down looking back over your shoulder is just gorgeous. Whoever took that (husband?) has an eye!

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