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Hello Friends,

Today I have 3 super fun Lilla Rose products to share with you!

Have you ever heard of Lilla Rose? It’s a hair accessory company with independent consultants. They have styles for every age and hair type!

Ruth Visser, from the blog Skirted Blues reached out to me to do a review of some Lilla Rose product. I had seen these products before and I didn’t really think they were my style, but I was SO AMAZED  when I looked at the website to find the wide variety and styles that I loved!

Ruth was kind enough to send me three products to review and today I am here to show you how it went!

But first, let me introduce Ruth to you:

I asked Ruth a few questions so you could get to know her better…

1. When did you start selling Lilla Rose?

  • I started selling Lilla Rose 3 years ago, in October of 2014. I joined rather skeptically, having done craft sales as a vendor before without much success. My first event with Lilla Rose amazed me! It was so much fun to meet ladies and help them find solutions to their hair problems – whether it was dealing with migraines, super thick or very slippery hair. As a mom of many, it has given me an opportunity to get out and socialize while earning some income at the same time. I have also operated my business primarily online for a season while I needed to spend more time at home. I love the flexibility I am able to have!

2. What are your favorite Lilla Rose Products?

  • My personal favorite Lilla Rose accessory is the flexi clip, without question! This time of year my absolute favorite combination is an XS Winter Wonder in a half up style worn with the Victoria Hairband . I love sparkle and bling, so these are perfect!

3. Any tips for people new to this product?

  • If you are new to Lilla Rose, here is what I recommend. If you are determining what flexi size you might need, watch the sizing video on the website. I always advise people to order small, rather than larger. (Although Lilla Rose has an excellent exchange policy and will even pay return shipping for up to 30 days if you need a different size.) Don’t be afraid to really bend your flexi! They are made out of music wire (they type of stuff they use for piano strings) and are super durable. For the best hold, feel free to put enough hair in your flexi so that you have to bend it. The bend it creates in the flexi itself is what gives you a firm hold without pulling.

The first product I tried was my favorite – the Hair Sticks $15 (Pair) $8 (Single)

This is called the Celtic Knot- I watched this video tutorial that Lilla Rose provided (Super simple and helpful) and I accomplished this look on my first try! If you watch the video you can see that I have much less hair than the girl giving the tutorial, but I was still able to create my own look with the same product! I added the second stick because I personally just like that look :)

I created a softer, more elegant look with wavy hair and the same hair sticks:

The next Product I reviewed was one of the hairbands in a Turquoise color. $24 (includes your choice of adjustable elastic band)

One of the things I loved about these when I saw them on the website was the adjustable bands you can purchase depending on how big of a size you need! I have a tiny head and when I buy hairbands at the store, most of the time they are way to big! So this was the perfect solution. The elastic hair extenders come in different colors as well, so that it blends in more with your natural hair color!

I was really impressed with this product because even though the beads aren’t soft, it did not cause a headache half way through the day and it looks cute in your hair while it is up or down!

Now, here is an even more AWESOME part about these beaded hair bands…

They double as a necklace! You simply get one of the magnetic clasps ($5) and replace the elastic piece with the clasp!

The third product I reviewed was the Nina flexi clip in medium $21 (with stick) $12 (without stick)


So, which Lilla Rose product was your favorite? Do you see yourself wearing any of these?

Now for the most exciting part… A SALE! Since it is Thanksgiving week (craziness, I know) there is a special sale going on Nov 23 – 27!

Make sure you check out Ruth’s page

this weekend for sales on so many items! Now is the time to try Lilla Rose if you have been curious!

Also, here is Ruth’s business facebook page. She will be doing live demos and tutorials during the sale this weekend!


Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a safe and warm Thanksgiving!

Keep on keeping on…


**Thank you so much to Ruth for sponsoring this post! **







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