How to Get the Perfect Top Knot

Have you ever wondered how all those bloggers achieve perfect pony tails and tops knots?? Me too, sister.

Well, look no further because Perky Pony is here to help!

This little do-hickey clips into your pony tail or top knot and keeps it perky and tall all. day. long.

When I received the Perky Pony I was surprised at how big it was and was curious if this would work in my hair. I don’t have particularly thick or thin hair, it’s somewhere in between, but I was pleasantly surprised at the results of the Perky Pony in my hair!

The Perky Pony clips onto your hair tie. It has a textured curved surface that causes your hair to stick to the surface and not expose the device in your hair. I was truly impressed with how hidden the clip was for how large it was. I. think the only thing I would like better would be more than one size to choose from. But this clip comes in Black, Brown, Red, and Blonde!

I was especially impressed with the way it worked in my pony tail! I had to wrap a piece of hair around my hair tie after the clip was in to hide the base but other than that you couldn’t see the clip in the pony! This would be amazing for people with really long, thick hair. The clip is durable and doesn’t feel cheap or brittle.



So, what do you think? Is Perky Pony for you?

Thanks for reading!

Keep on keeping on …

**Thank you to Perky Pony for sponsoring this post!**

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