Design and Curiosity Studio!

YOU GALS! I am so pumped to share with you my blogger BFF’s latest accomplishment! Catherine from Design and Curiosity has launched an online shop where you can BUY THE COOL STUFF SHE MAKES!

Her shop is called Design and Curiosity Studio!

Catherine has been working so hard for months to get this shop going and it does NOT disappoint! She has the cutest, most creative earrings for sale right now! And I mean, what is cooler than making a statement with your ears?!

I can’t even pick a fave- so here are my top 3!

Cherries! I mean, seriously, how stinkin’ cute are these?! ($15.00)

You know I’m all about the cactus trend! Ladies, come on, you know you want these! ($30.00)

And how about some GRL PWR?! ($20.00) Aren’t these fun?! And they’re so light weight!

Please check out her shop and give her instagram a follow!

keep on keeping on…

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