How to Wear a Crop Top… Modestly

Hey girlies! Today’s post title is probably a little bit alarming but I promise I’m not off my rocker. I’ve figured out a way to style a top that is shorter and meant to be worn with your midriff exposed… modestly!

There are so many cute tops in the summer time with fun prints and embroidery but many times they are very short and meant to be tied up and worn as a crop top.

BUT, I think they can be styled modestly with this simple trick: wear them with a high waist-ed a-line skirt! This is a very flattering cut when your crop top just grazes over the top of your skirt and creates an hourglass figure.

You can also wear a camisole or thin t-shirt tucked in underneath too; just in case you are worried it would be too short when you’re moving around and bending over and such.

I got this top ($10) and skirt ($19) from Stay tuned Wednesday for a full, unbiased, unsponsered review of 5 items I purchased off of their website.

Have you ever styled a crop top with a high waist-ed skirt?

keep on keeping on…


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  1. I think this is a great idea! I’ve also seen where people wear them untucked, which I normally wouldn’t consider when it’s a midi skirt, and also wouldn’t consider when it’s a crop top. But together, they work fine!

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