Fashion Trends That Currently Slay Me: Version 3.0

Hello there! Today’s post is the third installment of my series “fashion trends that currently slay me”. I get a little fired up in these (sorry about that) but usually it’s because I’m talking about the immodest trends that are plaguing the fashion world. Today I’m talking about 3 popular trends that just really annoy me and a couple alternatives to these styles.

#1: Off the Shoulder Tops

This trend has been popular all Spring and Summer and if I recall correctly was pretty popular last year as well. I’m just gonna come out and say this:

This is NOT a modest look, ladies.

The whole look is centered around your clothes giving the illusion that they are falling off. And there is absolutely nothing modest about that. I know it may be appealing, and maybe no cleavage is showing, but are you really setting yourself apart from the rest of the world by wearing an off the shoulder top or dress? Are you drawing people’s attention to your good works and your kind and humble spirit, or are you drawing people’s attention to your shoulders and your neckline? Food for thought.

Rebekah over at says it better than I can. Check out her post on off-the-shoulder tops/dresses here and how she styled it modestly.

#2: Cold Shoulder Tops

This trend just peeves me. Like do you want a sleeveless top or a t-shirt? Why does there have to be a hole in the sleeve? It’s just too close to the above style for me. I know everyone might not agree with me. I think there are ways you could probably style this look modestly, but why do you need to?

#3: Lace Dresses with a Nude Colored Lining

OK. Seriously?! Do we not realize that the whole point of this is to look like you aren’t wearing anything underneath the colored, lacy fabric of that dress? I do not approve. I think there are plenty of options out there today that offer the same look, without the nude colored lining.

A few options:



Dainty Jewels

Dainty Jewels Again


Do you have any alternatives to these styles? What trends are currently slaying you?

keep on keeping on (and resisting immodest trends!)

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  1. I have to agree with you on all of these! And I love your fiery passion on them haha And with the cold-shoulder tops…I just ask just why at all though? I don’t even think they look cute. They’re uncomfortable looking!

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