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Today I am doing an unbiased review of an order I placed at www.romwe.com. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you know that I am a thrift store girl at heart and I do my best to find my clothes second hand. But I recently placed an order with Romwe- one of those sites that ships everything from China. It takes forever to get and you aren’t really sure of the quality or fit of the items you are ordering.

So, why did I all of a sudden decide to try Romwe? Well, to be honest, I read another blogger’s post on Romwe, and LOVED one of the items she purchased and said I just have to have that! So, here I am reviewing not just one item I had to have… but 5. hehe.

As far as figuring out what I wanted to order- I was pleased with the measurements provided on the items.

The checkout was not “sketchy”. I was able to use PayPal, which I prefer. I did pay the 0.99 cents insurance fee that would have allowed me to reorder any items that were damaged. I figured- why not for 0.99 cents? Luckily I did not need to return anything, and honestly, I don’t know that it would be worth the hassle.

It took 15 days from the day I ordered to receive my shipment, which was pretty good in my opinion. I had ordered something from www.goodnightmacaroon.com (also a shop out of China) last year and it took like over a month to receive my shipment.

When it arrived, I noticed that the return address was labeled “SheIn Inc.”. I’ve heard of them as well and after about 30 seconds of research I am still not sure how they are related. I have looked at items from SheIn before too and they seem like a similar type of site that I have seen other bloggers post outfits from.

Any-who! Now I will review the 5 items I purchased:

#1: Fruits Print Key Hole Back Smock Top

This top was labeled as “One Size”. I would say this would fit up to a size Large. But “One Size” is a bit of a stretch. It is thin, but I kind of expected that. I was fairly happy with the fit:

#2: Tie Front Swallows Embroidered Denim Shirt

I was very impressed with this top’s quality! The embroidery does not look bad and the thickness and feel of the shirt was very nice. This was also labeled as “One Size”. This is misleading though, I would say this is MAX a size medium, and maybe just a small depending on your bust size. There are measurements in the description though.

#3: Banana Leaf Frill Trim Smock Top

This top is so cute! There was a little bit of a blemish in the stitching on one of the sleeves, but it’s not really noticeable while wearing:

HOWEVER, again, this was a “One Size” piece that is definitely a size Small. So be careful with this type of top.

#4: Jungle Leaf Print Box Pleated Flared Skirt

I was pretty happy with this skirt. It’s 100% polyester, and it kind of feels like a tablecloth, so wear a slip, but the measurements were pretty spot on and it came in sizes XS-L. This is an XS. I think I will get a lot of use out of this :)

#5: Girl Power Tee

This was that one item I just had to have. I just love the cute color and print of this graphic tee. Obviously¬† I have to wear a camisole underneath because of the holes but that’s okay. This is a “One Size” tee and I would say this is probably equivalent to a size Medium or Large. I also ordered this in the yellow color that is available and I noticed it was slightly smaller once I ironed them out. So be aware the color may affect the size.

Overall I was pleased with my order. But that would have been different had the sizing not just happened to work out for me. You definitely have to be careful with that, but luckily the measurements are provided.

There were no weird nasty chemical smells to the clothing, which was not the case with my order from www.goodnightmacaroon.com last year and was one of the things I was worried about.

The quality of the items was about equal to that of something from Charlotte Russe, I would say.

One last thing to note is the “discount”. There is basically always a sale. But note that the “60% off” is off of the pre-sale price. So it’s not quite as good as it seems. Also, free shipping is applied after the % off discount.

Hopefully this has been a helpful review to anyone that has considered ordering off this site and has been hesitant.

Have you ever ordered from Romwe? What was your experience?

keep on keeping on…

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  1. That banana top and the banana leaf print skirt are both so cute! Just don’t wear them at the same time. lol. I’m glad you had a good experience at romwe.com! I bet it’s not the same for everyone, though. Just a hit-and-miss type of thing.

  2. Okay, so this has nothing to do with your outfits(lol), but I just wanted to say that I love your writing style :) Sometimes fashion bloggers all sound so “professional” and almost generic, but yours is so original and fun! Not that you’re not professional..ha! If that had a negative connotation, just ignore lol!

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