My Least Favorite Style Skirt

Hello Gals,

Today’s blog post topic is pencil skirts. Grrr. Ok, I’ll be honest. Pencil skirts totally annoy me. I do not often opt for them but they do have an undeniably classic look about them… when they are worn correctly.

Let’s examine the simple Pencil.

Notice it’s qualities: yellow, long, straight.

When you grab the pencil and start to write with it, the pencil does not bend or conform to the curves in your hand.

And, so, I would like to suggest that a pencil skirt should have the same properties when worn, asĀ  a pencil, when written with. (maybe except the yellow property, hehe).

The reason that pencil skirts irritate me is because I have a horrible time finding long enough ones… and I’m short, so I know I’m not the only person with this problem. And if I find one that is long enough when standing, the whole “straight” aspect of them makes them ride up when you sit, and now it’s too short again!

Also, they always seem to be more form fitting than I like! So then I have to go up a size or 2 and then It’s too big in the waist but fits everywhere else. It’s like if I wanted a bodyCon skirt, that’s what I would buy! Plus, when you sit in them all day and then stand up, the bum gets all poofy and stretched out. I know you know what I mean, y’all.

Ok, rant over.

I know it is possible to find long enough, loose enough, pencil skirts but I would still rather grab an a-line midi skirt and call it a day ;-) Sometimes it’s just not worth the hassle.

Here are a couple of examples of pencil skirts I have worn…


Most of these are now up for sale in my Poshmark closet… haha! Writing this post reminded me of how irratated I get when I wear these, so selling them all was my solution ;-)

Do you like Pencil Skirts? Do you have any tricks to finding modest ones?! Do share.

keep on keeping on…

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  1. Well you shouldn’t have poshmarked them all, they look fabulous on you! But I do understand that they always feel so constricting and tight. Then you try a size up and it’s basically like you’re wearing a rectangle on your bottom half. Not flattering! What’s the worst for me is when there’s a slit up the back that you’re certain is just going to flash everyone the minute you start walking…. It’s a toughie, Taylor!

  2. Pencil skirts are my favorite type of skirt besides midi skirts, and I just love them! However, I totally agree with you. Finding the perfect pencil skirt is like finding a needle in a haystack! So yeah, that makes you almost not like them lol! I have been looking for a plain black pencil skirt to wear dressy and casual, but I can’t find one anywhere! It’s crazy lol I prefer midi skirts because they are easier to find long enough, and they aren’t form-fitting(obviously lol).

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