Quick Tip Tuesday: Put a Jean Jacket on it

Hi everyone! I haven’t done one of these Quick Tip posts in quite a while and I just didn’t get my usual Monday post up this week so I thought this would be a good way post this week.

You all know how I love jean jackets. One day, I had one jean jacket, and somehow I now have 5? How this happened is just wild to me. But I have a light, medium, and dark wash, an embroidered one, and a dressy one! All necessary! haha. Not really but I really do wear them all…

Anyways, I just thought I’d show you a couple of ways jean jackets change up/complete your look. In this post I am wearing my medium wash jean jacket in all three cases.

For this look the dress from thredUP, shoes and jean jacket from Poshmark, Bag from Classic Additions Consignment Boutique, and beads from Premeir Jewelry.

This look is featuring a thrifted GAP skirt, premier jewelry necklace, and shoes from the Nordstrom Rack.

This dress is from the Eva Mendes/NY&C Collection from last year but I foudn it at a consignment shop for under $10! The shoes are consigned as well, and the bag is from Connie’s Collections.

So, how do you put a jean jacket on it? :)

As always, thanks for reading.

keep on keeping on…


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  1. I have two, but I really only wear one. It’s crazy because I wear mine all the time! lol I have so many outfits I wear it with, so even though it might be a new outfit, I feel like I’m wearing the same thing over and over again if I keep putting my denim jacket over everything lol My favorite way to wear it is if I wear a dress on Sunday morning, and then want to wear it back that night, I often put a denim jacket over it so that it looks more casual. And then switch heels to flats or sandals ;)

  2. I purchased my very first jean jacket! I am so happy I made that decision. It is the perfect jacket for this kind of weather that is in Europe right now and looks great both dressed up and down. :-) I love it. :-)

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