My Favorite Brands of Denim

Hello there, friends!

Today I thought I’d talk about the brands of blue jeans I have come to love and that work best for me and my own personal modesty standards!

*Disclaimer* I know that not everyone’s standards of modesty are the same, and I also realize that some choose not to wear jeans or pants at all for modesty reasons. Please note that I respect that very much.

When it comes to the cut of jeans I usually stay within the realm of these three:




Concerning Bootcut and Boyfriend, it really wasn’t too hard to find a modest pair that fit me like I liked.

Banana Republic makes a really good, classy bootcut jean. Dressy jeans are not meant to be skin tight, so you have the upper hand on that one.

Gap makes a great bootcut jean as well as a great boyfriend jean. I’ve found that the older jeans from Gap were closer to 100% cotton and that is a good thing because they don’t cling as much. And the newer jeans, I believe the ‘1969’ versions are good as well.

I have also found that thrift stores and thredUP are filled to the brim with Banana Republic and Gap, so you can find them fairly low cost secondhand (YAY). For size reference I have found I am typically a size 4 in these two brands.

Now, “Skinny” jeans are tricky of course because they are just simply made to fit tight…

BUT! I was super sneaky and figured out a way to get around this. ;-) Now, this worked for me but everyone is obviously built differently so unfortunately it just takes some trial and error.

I am short. I have a short torso. But my legs, are unusually long for my height. Sooooo – who cares, I know, but what I figured out is that if I bought a “high rise skinny” jean but wore them at my hips instead of my natural waist, they would not fit skin tight!

Of course this meant going up a size (or 2) because my hips don’t lie but I really think it seems to be working!

I figured out that Madewell “High Riser Skinny” jeans in a size 28 work best! I also found that a lot of people are selling them on Poshmark! So the $130 pricetag on these bad boys is not so daunting when you buy them secondhand! The most I’ve paid was $44 for a pair and they have all been like-new condition! Oh, and I’ve been able to use my Poshmark credits from my own closet sales to pay for them all so technically no money was coming out of pocket (woohoo! if you haven’t checkout my Poshmark post– do it now!)

I also found that Kensie “Knockout skinny” jeans work for me as well. Also in a size 28. I mentioned these a few posts back and found them at TJMaxx and Marshalls for $19.99. I wear these at the hips as well, and of course HANG DRY them (actually I hang dry all of my jeans) to slow the fading process but mainly to avoid them shrinking. Sometimes if you throw them in the dryer for a few minutes and then take them out and hang them it eliminates the wrinkles so you can avoid an iron ;-)

One other redeeming quality of all of these brands is that there is no design on the back pockets. This is a very slimming quality and obviously draws less attention to your back side.

So, that’s all I got. What are your favorite brands of denim and why?

Have you tried any of my favorites? Let me know in the comments below  :)

keep on keeping on …



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  1. Madewell is definitely my go to, it’s taken me years to find a brand of jeans that I love so much and honestly, make me feel confident. I’ll check out some of these other brands out too though!

  2. This post is very interesting for me as I must be one of the few ladies never to have owned a pair of jeans. I was a skirts/dresses only person until a few years ago but though I now wear trousers, I have never liked the image of jeans.

    However we are having a charity “dress down day” at work next week so I may have to step out of my comfort zone and buy a pair of jeans

    1. Hi Rebecca!
      Thank you for sharing :) If you do decide to purchase a pair of jeans I would definitely recommend the GAP bootcut or boyfriend fit. I think they most closely resemble the fit of trousers.
      Thank you so much for reading!

    2. Just because it’s “dress down” doesn’t mean you have to wear jeans. You could try a comfy stretchy maxi skirt? They are (dare I say it?) more comfortable than jeans!

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