How Poshmark Helped Me Purge

Hi Friends!

Today I want to talk to you about the new thrifting extravaganza I’ve been on over the last couple of weeks! Have you heard of Poshmark? Well, I was over reading Downtown Demure’s blog a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned how she was going to try and do more second hand shopping in 2017. She mentioned that Poshmark would help her with that and so I decided to check it out.

I already had an account from almost a year before but I never used it and I honestly don’t know what made me sign up for one at the time. But I began to explore and see what Poshmark was all about.

Basically you can post pictures of items in your closet that you no longer want and try to sell them. Poshmark takes a $2.95 fee for items you sell for under $15 and 20% on items $15 and up. That’s a really high return rate compared to most consignment shops!

You can sell Women’s, Kid’s, and Men’s items and even Makeup!

By going through Poshmark, you are guaranteed to get the item you purchased. If you never recieve the item, you get a refund. If the item arrives, not as described, you can contact Poshmark and they will review your case and you can get your money back as well.

If the item doesn’t fit, or you end up not liking it, you can’t return it, BUT before purchasing an item, you can contact the seller through the comments section with any questions you have so you can be sure about your purchase.

I purchased 3 items from other Poshers so far and have had a good experience both times :)

When you sell an item, Poshmark sends you the shipping label (good for up to a 5lb package) straight to your email. You box it up, and as soon as the item is delivered to the buyer- you get the money deposited to your Poshmark account.

You can use the money as credit towards buying someone else’s items, or get it direct deposited to your bank account!

Shipping on all items is a flat rate $6.49. Sometimes there are shipping discounts and free shipping when an item gets lowered in price by the seller.

You can also bundle multiple items from the same seller and only pay the shipping fee once!

I posted my first items on Jan 24th, 2017 and since then I’ve sold over 30 items and made almost $200! All for items I don’t use!

But here is the CRAZY part… It’s like my attachment to certain items in my closet that I once couldn’t let go of is GONE!

I come home everyday thinking of another item I could post for sale! When before, I would have never put that item in the “donate” pile or even the “consign” pile!

It’s really weird. Maybe it’s the thrill of making the sale, but doing this makes me so happy and it is SO MUCH fun! I love packaging up my unused items for someone I don’t know, hoping they will enjoy them like I did at one point! Plus- I always include a business card for my blog ;-) Free advertising at it’s best! hehe

If you don’t have a Poshmark account, you can sign up for free with code GKNYN and get a $5 credit towards your first purchase!

Also, if you’re interested in anything in my closet please let me know you’re a blog reader and I’ll cut you a HUGE deal. I’m not looking to get rich off this, I’m more trying to get RID of this stuff. If you’re local and see something you want please tell me and I will just give it to you :)

Closet Items

Have you tried Poshmark?

keep on keeping on…

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  1. Y’all, I shopped Modest Blondie’s Poshmark shop earlier this week. As it turns out, we are the same size! She ships tremendously fast, and had beautiful, modest items at ridiculously low prices. What more could you want?
    I love my goodies, Taylor, and thanks for the extra special gift. You rock! 💖

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