3 Pinterest Looks Recreated in Unexpected Ways

Hello gals!

So, if you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest train yet… well, that’s just weird. But if you, like so many girls including myself, look to Pinterest for a bit of outfit inspo and find yourself overwhelmed… fear not!

I think when looking at Pinterest for outfit planning you really have to keep a wide perspective. If you get too carried away you’ll want to buy the exact piece of every outfit you like. And we all know that is jusy not practical. *BUT* it is possible to recreate outfits with the basics you already have in your closet!

I’m doing that today with three very different outfits.

The 2 most important things you need to keep in mind when recreating your outfit are shape and cut.

SHAPE: What shape does the sillouhette create?

CUT: What is the cut of each piece the model is wearing?

The 1 thing you should not worry about so much is COLOR. Just because I don’t have a red blazer doesn’t mean I can’t recreate this look in my own way. Again, keep an open mind…

Look #1:

SHAPE: long and lean

CUT: the jeans are a loose, boyfreind cut, and the blazer is fitted.

The Jist: Jeans with a Blazer

[source: stitchfix]

My Recreation of Look #1:

I switched up the color scheme of this outfit, but I kept the same basic idea. Distressed white jeans instead of blue jeans, and a plaid blazer with a navy, embellished tee underneath.

Look #2:

SHAPE: Straight up and down

CUT: oversized sweater with loose dress pants

The Jist: An oversized sweater with dress pants

[source: stylishwife.com]

My Recreation of Look #2:

I layered a simple white bouse under an oversized oatmeal colored sweater and paired them with navy dress pants and boots. I added a long necklace to elongate my neckline.


Look #3:

SHAPE: Curvy

CUT: A-line skirt and tailored blouse

The Jist: A-line skirt and silky blouse.

[source: deeprootsathome]

My Recreation of Look #3:

I paired two jewel tones together and paired my look with sweater tights and boots instead of heels because it was SNOWING. I completed my look with some jewelry and a bold lip color.



And there you have it! 3 looks- recreated in different ways!

How do you recreate Pinterest looks with your existing wardrobe?

keep on keeping on…


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