3 Ways to Modestly Wear White Linen Pants

Hello all! Sorry I have been so MIA. After my business trip to Germany I have had to catch up on a lot and now that summer is here there are lots of things to get done around the house and lots of extra festivities ;-)

Today I wanted to give you a few inspiration ideas on styling white linen pants. I think that white linen is a great way to scream SUMMER via your attire without wearing shorts. They are light, airy, and can be dressed up, down, or in between. I like that they cover your whole leg- this prevents shaving and bug bites… win win!

I found my white linen pants at T.J.Maxx for $20. I will say if you are naturally spill prone, try and find a coffee colored pair of linens. Much more stain proof ;-)

I’ve linked to a few places with white linen pants below if you are convinced after reading this :-) One thing I would suggest is trying to find a pair WITH back pockets (extra coverage, obvi) and again stating the obvious, but stating it any ways- wear neutral undergarments ya’ll…

Target – $20.00

Walmart – $13 (Capris)

ThredUp – Multiple pairs in lots of colors!


The first style is more dressy/beachy. While I’m not really a beach person, the idea of sun, warm sand, and being care free is occasionally very appealing, and this outfit made me feel that way.

I styled a pink button up top (Tommy Hilfiger – thrifted for $4!) with a gray short sleeve underneath because it was a tad see-through and a cami wasn’t cutting it. Usually I will just resort to a t-shirt for layering if my outfit doesn’t allow me to wear a half tee or cami. It worked out well in this outfit. I also paired this with tan lace up wedges (also thrifted – $6!).




The second outfit is more relaxed and boho- a chambray shirt over a t-shirt is a great summer piece to have to go from warmer days to cooler nights. I paired this with flip flops and a crossbody bag (also from T.J. Maxx)




The last look could go either way (beachy or boho) but a great way to wear linen pants is with a tunic top or a dress on top! I paired my top with a gray tank top half tee and wedges. This would also look super cute with a jean jacket on top :-)

Wearing a long top with a small wedge really elongates the waist and the color contrast makes the white pants pop and look really classy :-)

(Sorry this pic is from the dressing room..lol)


I hope this has given you some ideas on how to style white linen pants this summer!

Until next time… keep on keeping on!


P.S.- For more tips and tricks on dressing modestly this summer, check out Downtown Demure’s Summer Tip list that I had the pleasure of participating in here!

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  1. I have just found this post and found it very inspirational. I only started to wear pants (trousers as I am from the UK) about 2 years ago after being a dress/skirts only person. I only really have black formal trousers for wearing to the office and some other colours for wearing around the house. I try to keep my rear covered with a long top when wearing trousers in public.

    I would like to get some more casual trousers and these look ideal being a loose modest fit. I have avoided jeans so far as I don’t like the image.

    1. Hi Rebecca! I am glad that this was helpful to you. I think that linen pants are a great option for the summer time and still look very cute and stylish with long tops :-)
      Thanks for reading!

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